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Monday, June 07, 2010



  89歲資深女記者海倫‧托馬斯(Helen Thomas),自1961年起便開始採訪白宮新聞,前後經歷了十一任總統。在白宮的新聞發布室裡有托馬斯的專用座位,奧巴馬總統去年還拿著蛋糕到發布室為她祝壽。這位長壽、敬業及備受尊重的新聞工作者,昨日不情願地宣布退休,原因是她的東家把她開除了,理由是她說了一些敵視以色列的言論。





1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time for Helen Thomas to retired. She is too old to work. It is time to enjoy the golden years.

Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. Say anything you want, but you have to watch out when and where you say it.
She should have that comment released when she is out of the news agency business. Without a job title, her opinion will be treated as comments from an ordinary citizen with extensive news business background.

She put the cart in front of the horse this time.

It could be she is too angry that the Jews were doing all the terrorists acts. She forgot at the time of the incident, she was employed as an employee of a relevant news agency.

Still, the reason of resignation is better than any members of the Washington, DC circle.

"I am going to spend more time with my family". She did not use this standard reason.

Come to think of it. Helen Thomas could be a Jewish origin.
She said what's on her mind. She forgot to withhold her personal opinion because she is bearing a
journalist job title.

The news agency business are all control by who? You guess it right. Who else? The Jews in the country.
The Jewish bosses are not going to allow this. They are going to punish Helen to the fullest extent.

I think Helen got fired once before. She worked for Associated Press before (? The Bush administration).

Very soon, there will be another
position created for her. Just wait and see. She is the queen of journalism. She is old enough and good enough to deserve this. She doe not have to find a job. She will demand what she wants.