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Thursday, June 25, 2009







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Anonymous said...

I think it is better to put your time/efforts/energies to write something else. I am sure there are staff writers at Singtao Group can do the job on entertainment subjects. By the way, your tone in the text is more parallel with the mainstream this time. Something like do not bad mouth the deceased; what a great person, hero he was.

More than a week after the events, things surfaced.

For the super rich and famous, most of them are abusing their financial power to fulfill their fantasies. He was willing to pay whatever it costs. There were people around him to fill the orders.

The want-to-be-white Aferican superstar wanted to jump-start his
failing career (to do this, he has to go to Europe, it won't work in U.S.).

As for the lady, she is more than smart. She allowed her story (so called story) to be filmed (glorified as documentary) so that she can make the last penny she can get before she meets her creator. Check book journalism at work.

It is all about money, then money gave them extra access to things that ordinary people will not have.
As to the results, I think they never thought about the consequences.

Other characters in entertainment business access to the street drugs, probably designer, performance enhancement drug, but operation-room medications? That is something extraordinary.
This is the abusive behavior of the super-rich.

I am sure the want-to-be-white character did not want to pay the out-of-court settlement at all.

It was easy for him to make money, but still he has to the monkey work to earn it.